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Several customers in the Werribee area who are using Westnet ADSL services have reported an internet outage.

Westnet have published information about this fault and have reported a hardware failure at the exchange.

For more information please visit this link.

Once again iiNet & Westnet customers will be experiencing problems with web browsing and sending/receiving mail as a result of the ongoing DNS issues being reported by iiNet as below.

iiNet Fault #3054227

We’ll continue to monitor this fault and as always have our Support Team available to assist you where necessary.


It has come to our attention that both iiNet and Westnet are still experiencing issues with their DNS servers as reported on the following iiNet network fault page:

iiNet Fault Notice 3143599

This fault may cause issues with the delivery of mail and web browsing. Should you have any questions regarding the impact of this fault on your business please feel free to contact our Support Team for assistance.

Muirfield advises our clients using Westnet and iiNet that they may experience issues with internet connectivity (in particular the retrieval of email and web browsing) due to problems with Westnet and iiNet’s DNS servers.

The following network status reports will assist you to understand the problem and the ISP’s efforts to rectify the situation:

Please feel free to contact our Support Team at support@muirfield.com.au for information relating to the impact this may have on your business.

This morning we have received a number of calls from customers who use Westnet as their ISP and are reporting problems with sending emails.

If you receive a rejection stating “Domain of sender address <you@yourdomain.com.au> does not exist” then we’d suggest resending the email and monitoring it for further rejections, we are able to implement a work around for users running Microsoft Exchange Server.

This appears to be a problem with Westnet’s mail infrastructure and we are continuing to monitor the issue.

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