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As long as anyone can remember Muirfield has always relied on the lovely Margaret Reilly to service the needs of our customers at our office reception or via phone call.

Margaret’s friendly nature and proficiency has enabled her to form many wonderful relationships with Muirfield’s staff, customers and suppliers over the years so it has been with great disappointment that we have recently announced that Margaret is retiring to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle effective Thursday December 22nd 2011.

Margaret has been with Muirfield for the vast majority of our 25 years and she has seen changes in her responsibilities, her workmates, our cliental, technology and even company ownership during her tenure. With great professionalism Margaret has adapted to these changes and continued to play a very important role within Muirfield during this time.

Our customers will all be very familiar with Margaret’s passion for the Carlton Blues and her recent travels around the world as Margaret has never been shy of having a yarn with anybody who will listen. On the flipside Margaret will also be recognised for her relentless pursuit of unpaid invoices in her accounts responsibility.

Our staff will feel a massive void around the office in 2012 when there is no Margaret to burst into song for every random event that happens and nobody to flirt with the techs. Margaret has been a wonderful friend to all the staff that have worked and those that continue to work at Muirfield, she is always able to have a laugh but still maintain her focus for her tasks.

I personally would like to thank Margaret for her loyalty and commitment to Muirfield for the past 20 years, I also would like to acknowledge and thank her for the friendship, council and “mothering” she has offered me throughout the past 20 years and in particular the last 7 years whilst I have been at the helm of Muirfield. I even appreciated her telling me to back off on the chocolate biscuits after my recent birthday.

I am very confident that I speak on behalf of Muirfield’s founders Colin and Pauline when I say that the wonderful experience I have had with Margaret as a Muirfield employee does not differ from that experienced by my predecessors.

On behalf of Joanne and the team at Muirfield we wish Margaret all the best for this new phase of her life, she is much loved and will be greatly missed.

Thank you Margaret.

Michael Muir

A comment from Margaret Reilly:

“As most of you are probably now aware, I will be leaving Muirfield Computers on Thursday. You may not realise that I have been working here for nearly twenty years, and as you will know, have always tried my best to be as helpful and friendly to our customers as possible. I have made many friends over the years, and have enjoyed my time here but I would now like to go on and do a few things I have been unable to do whilst working full time. I will really miss talking to everyone and listening to their travel stories and I hope they have enjoyed my stories as well. It has really made coming to work most worthwhile for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pauline and Colin for giving me the opportunity in the first place and to Michael and Joanne for allowing me to continue on after they took over the business from them.

I would also like to add that I sincerely hope that Muirfield Computers continues on in a competent and successful way and I wish all my work colleagues the very best in the future (I will miss you all).

Love and Best Wishes – Marg Reilly”

It is with great pleasure that the staff at Muirfield Computer Services welcome Ben Jess to our team.

Ben’s addition to our team helps kick off the 2009 year with a new level of energy, Ben’s inclusion as part of our technical group will ensure that we are positioned to provide the highest possible levels of customer service in the future.

If Ben’s enthusiasm and commitment in the lead up to his official start date is any indication then both Muirfield & Ben have a bright future together.

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