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D-Link has recently updated their Product Selection Guide to Issue 2, 2009. This is a great catalogue of the corporate and domestic products that are on offer by D-Link. D-Link Logo

The following link can be used to download this guide:

[download id=”36″]

D-Link’s latest edition of the D-Lifestyle magazine is now available for download.D-Link Logo

This publication is a great way to find out about D-Link’s latest home and business networking hardware.

Download Issue 13 by clicking here.

Issue 12 of the D-Lifestyle magazine is now available for download online.D-Link Logo

The D-Lifestyle magazine showcases a range of D-Link’s new products and is a great read for both home or business users.

Please click on this link to download the D-Lifestyle Magazine Issue 12 in PDF format.

D-Link LogoD-Link have just released issue 11 of their D-Lifestyle magazine, this magazine showcases a range of D-Link’s new products and is a great read for both home or business users.

Please click on this link to download the D-Lifestyle Magazine in PDF format.

Muirfield’s focus on pro-active network maintenance services ensures that network performance and reliability is optimized in all networks under management by Muirfield engineers. With our vast experience in networking Muirfield can tailor a networking solution to suit all types of industry sectors, whether you have a requirement for a small P.O.S. system in a retail environment or an Enterprise level wide area network across Australia we can offer an economical solution to suit needs.

Muirfield provides a full service solution to your networking needs with the supply and servicing of the following:

  • Fileserver Hardware
  • Server Operating Systems
  • SAN Disk Arrays
  • Tape Drives and Autoloader Libraries
  • Data Cabinets & Racking
  • Access Flooring for Server Rooms
  • Data & Communications Cabling
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Anti-Virus Protection

Fileserver Hardware

HP DL380 G5

Muirfield offers a range of fileserver solutions to suit all budgets, our “Muirfield” branded Intel-based servers are an affordable option for the SMB/SME market and our relationship with industry leaders including Hewlett Packard allows us to tailor high-end server solutions to suit our larger clients. Muirfield highly recommends Hewlett Packard’s ProLiant server range as a proven fileserver solution for deployment outside the Melbourne Metro area when bundled with HP’s On-Site warranty services.

Server Operating Systems

Muirfield engineers have extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s Windows Server and Small Business Server operating systems, our experience with these operating systems in a range of different implementations enables Muirfield to create a network environment that provides the best possible security, stability, performance and availability.

Our experience with Microsoft products including Exchange Server and SQL Server allows our engineers to fully exploit the power of Microsoft’s server products to suit our clients needs.

Muirfield also utilizes a range of Linux distributions for certain tasks, whilst our focus is on the Microsoft server products we do offer Linux based solutions when circumstances call for an alternative to the Windows environment.

SAN Disk Arrays

HP EVA4400

Storage Area Network devices especially disk arrays are a great way to centralize network infrastructure within a multi-fileserver environment. Muirfield encourages the use of SAN disk arrays in larger networks for the most flexible storage solution whilst ensuring a level of future-proofing.

Muirfield’s has deployed the Hewlett Packard enterprise level EVA4400 fibre based SAN devices in a number of scenarios, our relationship with HP has enabled our clients to directly engage with the manufacturer to ensure that they are familiar with the SAN product range and to obtain the best possible pricing to suit their budgets.

For price conscious purchasers HP’s MSA2000 series SAN provide an affordable Disk Storage Array system with a range of connectivity options, our Engineers also have experience with these products and can provide advise on the suitability of this product for your requirements.

Tape Drives & Autoloader Libraries

MSL2024Muirfield recommends a range of tape drives and autoloader hardware to suit our clients data security needs. In smaller network environments we recommend the Sony AIT drives and for larger storage needs we recommend the LTO format with Autoloader Tape Libraries like HP’s StorageWorks MSL2024.

As a Symantec Partner we recommend the Backup Exec software for reliable data backup and recovery.

Data Cabinets & Racking

Networks designed and managed by Muirfield regular include 19″ and 24″ Data Cabinets and Racking, to provide a secure installation of fileserver and associated hardware we strongly recommend Clipsal products. Housing fileservers, switches and other network infrastructure in Data Cabinets reduces network downtime, expedites fault rectification and ensures a clean operating environment for your essential equipment.

Please contact our networking team for advise on your data cabinet & racking requirements.

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