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Victoria, 3029

Ph: (03) 9369-3565
Fax: (03) 9369-7442

During the Christmas and New Years period Muirfield’s office will be closed from 5:30pm on Friday 20th December 2013 through until 9am on Monday 6th January 2014.

As always our staff will be available for urgent technical support during the break and we ask that you log your issues via our HelpDesk or by email to support@muirfield.com.au

Our team would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their wonderful support during 2013, we’ve enjoyed a very successful year and have quietly developed some exciting new services that we’ll be releasing in 2014.

We’d also like to wish you and your family a happy and safe festive season.

As a result of  advancements in our efficiency and reporting Muirfield have decided to reduce the chargeable units for remote & on-site support services from 15 minutes down to 3 minutes from 1st March 2013.

Our hourly rate for remote support services and our existing tiered on-site service charges will remain unchanged.

We believe that this change reflects a significant achievement for our team and it represents a much fairer system for both Muirfield and our valued clients.

We have provided greater detail on this matter to our clients via email however should you wish to discuss this further please contact our Accounts Team on (03) 9369-3565.

The team at Muirfield are pleased to announce that we have began deploying our new “DNA” (Dynamic Network Appliance) device into the field with great success.

Our DNA device introduces a platform for the deployment of a broad range of new features and services by embedding dedicated hardware inside our client’s network infrastructure.

The first of many applications delivered by the DNA is our SpamFilter Pro solution which expands on our very successful hosted content filtering offering by providing greater user control over spam filtering rules and individual user quarantine accounts whilst improving mail delivery results through it’s on-premises filtering.

The DNA device is configured to automatically “call home” to our own spam filtering servers to benefit from the detection techniques and email analysis from our entire DNA community and Muirfield’s own filtering infrastructure.

With the ongoing development of our DNA platform we have a number of new applications which are expected to be released in the coming months, the future potential for the DNA is endless. We are excited by the possibilities that the DNA offers and are committed to the development of this product in the long term.

The DNA product is available as a rental solution to existing hosting customers for a nominal fee, contact our team for further information.

The Muirfield office will be closed on Monday 31st October to allow our hard working staff the opportunity for a long weekend to coincide with Melbourne Cup.

We will however be available for emergency work if necessary. Our technicians are available through our HelpDesk or via email to support@muirfield.com.au

Due to an unusual amount of email traffic passing through our primary & secondary spam filters today we have noticed a slight delay in the delivery of mail to our clients.

We suspect that an attempt to send large volumes of spam to one of our hosted domains began at approximately 7am this morning, our spam filtering employs greylisting  technology which will reject these attempts however this heavy load is burdening our primary and secondary servers.

Our tertiary server does not appear to be suffering from the same congestion issues, as at midday it appears that traffic loads are returning to normal volumes.

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