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Due to the recent floods in Thailand some of the world’s leading production facilities for hard disk drives are experiencing significant gaps between the supply and demand of these critical PC components.

We have already seen a three fold increase in our cost price of hard disks which is now having an impact on the price of assembled Muirfield and name brand PCs, these shortages are also expected to affect the cost of notebook hardware in the near future. Portable Hard Disks price have also started to show the impact of these shortages.

A round of recent media coverage on this matter can be found here.

Late this afternoon we noticed a Telstra technician working on the telephone equipment around the corner from our office so Michael inquired as to when the tech thought our issue would be resolved. At this stage we anticipate that we will have full phone & fax services back online by 9am Tuesday 8th February.

We managed to grab a photo of the damaged equipment rack and have marked where the flood waters reached and as you can see it took out a whole bank of phone lines (apparently 240 lines) offline.

Thank you to everyone who experienced difficulties contacting our office today, your patience was greatly appreciated.

Further to our update yesterday regarding problems with our telephones following the recent flooding, we are also experiencing problems with the number diversions.

As such we suggest that clients contact us direct on our only operational line at (03) 9369-6110 and we will advise further as the problems are rectified.

Where possible we encourage contact to be made via email to support@muirfield.com.au

Due to the recent flooding across Victoria we are experiencing problems with our telephone services.

At this stage we are down to only one operational phone line and expect this to present difficulty contacting our office when we open for business on Monday 7th February.

We have contacted our telephony provider and have logged a fault for each of the faulty lines.

Where possible we are encouraging our clients to contact us by email at support@muirfield.com.au until this matter is resolved.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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