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Mail & Web Hosting

Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd provide a range of Mail and Web Hosting services for corporate customers. Our personal approach to identifying our customer’s hosting needs can help take away the confusion of what services you really require. Contact us today to discuss how we can

Web Hosting

Muirfield’s Web Hosting platform supports PHP, HTML, FTP and MySQL standards and we can tailor a hosting solution to suit your individual needs. Comprehensive website statistics are also available for our hosting customers. Through our appointment as a Premium Agent for Westnet we can also provide additional Windows hosting solutions for ASP based websites.

Mail – Spam Filtering

Muirfield provides a premium Spam Filtering service which utilizes industry standards including spamcop.net, spamhaus.org, dnsrbl.net, njabl.org, logsat.com and surbl.org blacklist filtering technologies. Customizable spam filtering reports are delivered daily via email and we provide the ability to specify a custom whitelist to ensure communications with important contacts is not hindered by the filtering process. A quarantine service is provided for messages that are rejected in case a legitimate message is identified as spam. We employ backup mail servers and filters at an alternative site from our primary datacentre for redundant mail transport in event of problems at our Service Centre in Hoppers Crossing.

Mail – Virus Filtering

To further protect our customers from viral infections our mail hosting platform incorporates virus filtering technologies, our filtering is capable of removing viral infections from within mail messages so that only clean content is delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. Automatic monitoring of virus definitions every five minutes ensures that our viral protection is always aware of the latest virus outbreaks.

DNS Hosting

Muirfield’s DNS Hosting service is designed for domain owners who are looking to host their own web or mail server. Our DNS Hosting provides the relevant DNS forwarding services required for mail and web traffic, in addition we can ensure your domain passes Reverse DNS and SPF checks during spam filtering.

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Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd is a second generation family owned and operated business situated in the Melbourne suburb of Hoppers Crossing, our products and services are focused on providing affordable, best-in-class performance for Small to Medium sized business.