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Our Story

Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd is a second generation family owned and operated business, established in 1986 by Colin and Pauline Muir the business operated from the family home in Hoppers Crossing for it’s first few years. As a radio technician in the RAAF, Colin’s interest in computers soon lead to a wealth of knowledge and experience that colleagues and friends were keen to utilize. Pauline was a school teacher who had a good understanding of finances and accounting, skills that complemented Colin’s technical ability and formed a great partnership for which to begin a family business. With a desire to improve their family’s lifestyle and an opportunity to take on new challenges, the Muir family immersed themselves into developing Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd.

Muirfield soon developed into a thriving enterprise as local families discovered the new world of computing, a focus on providing quality service with a personal touch helped build a modest customer base where word of mouth rather than advertising grew the business.

With stock of equipment filling every available space in the family home the need to expand into a warehouse was identified and premises were leased in Hoppers Crossing. Whilst still working full-time jobs Colin and Pauline managed to keep up with the growing demand for their services. Along with the assistance of family and friends, Muirfield expanded into educational, government and corporate markets.

Old MCS LogoMuirfield quickly grew to a stage where it could sustain full-time employment for Colin, Pauline and a number of technical staff. After many years using the “Rampant Lion Shield” logo, a process of rebranding was undertaken with the current logo being adopted in March of 1998.

Several years later Muirfield expanded it’s operations by opening a retail store in Werribee’s central business district, this provided Muirfield with an opportunity to improve public awareness of the Muirfield brand. After nine years of retail operations Colin & Pauline decided to close the retail outlet and focus on Muirfield’s corporate customers from a newly refurbished Service Centre complex in Hoppers Crossing.

Over the years Colin and Pauline had become heavily involved in local community organizations and groups and would direct a lot of their time and energy into these causes. During this time Michael Muir, the eldest child of Colin & Pauline along with wife Joanne left the business to establish a range of services that complemented Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd’s offerings.

On the 14th of November 2004, Muirfield was reborn when Michael and Joanne purchased Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd from Colin and Pauline. This change has reinvigorated Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd and it’s staff whilst providing Colin and Pauline an opportunity to focus on their passionate community involvement. It was very important to the Muir family for the business to remain family owned and to maintain some continuity for both Muirfield’s staff and customers.

Muirfield’s change in management and direction has enabled the business to reach new heights in service, professionalism and viability. A range of new services are now offered by Muirfield to provide corporate customers with greater choices, reliability and cost efficiency.¬†With a vibrant and enthusiastic management team, Muirfield is looking forward to the years ahead and the technological changes that will follow.

Whilst many well established computer companies have failed, Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd has managed to maintain it’s presence in the industry and celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary in 2011. It is our belief that this has been possible by our unwavering commitment to conducting business with the highest level of integrity and honesty. It brings great satisfaction to know that we have obtained such a reputation with our suppliers, customers and even our competition.

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Muirfield Computer Services Pty Ltd is a second generation family owned and operated business situated in the Melbourne suburb of Hoppers Crossing, our products and services are focused on providing affordable, best-in-class performance for Small to Medium sized business.