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Everyone who has visited Muirfield would definitely be familiar with the much loved Margaret Reilly who does accounts and customer service in our office.

Anyone who has visited our office in the last 8 months should be aware of Margaret’s excitement about her daughter Kasey’s pregnancy.

Yesterday we announced the news of a tragic loss of a very close friend but today we can announce some very exciting news…… “It’s a girl“.

A healthy Scarlett Jean Alabacos arrived in the late hours of Wednesday 23rd February and is the first child to Margaret’s daughter Kasey and her husband Shane Alabacos.

The team at Muirfield extend our congratulations to Kasey, Shane, our lovely Margy and her husband Mick on the newest arrival into their family.

Microsoft has today released the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1.

This update will be available through the Windows Update feature of your operating system but can also be downloaded through this link.

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the recent passing of Robyn Wrobel.

Robyn has been a dear friend to both the Muir family and all of the staff at Muirfield for over 20 years, her regular visits and referrals to Muirfield made Robyn almost seem like staff around our office.

Robyn will be remembered for always being cheery, energetic and full of life. Despite many ups and downs in her professional life Robyn always presented herself as an inspiring and happy person.

Our thoughts and support go out to Robyn’s family, particularly Peter, Adam, Frith, Joey and Robyn’s beautiful grandchildren.

Our director’s Michael and Joanne would personally like to acknowledge the inspiration, support and mentoring received from Robyn over the many wonderful years of friendship.

We are currently experiencing some issues with our Content Filtering Services’ Quarantine interface and we are currently undergoing maintenance to resolve this problem.

This issue will not hinder the flow of mail however it will limit access to release messages from Quarantine.

Thank you for your patience whilst we experience this outage.

UPDATE: Problems with the Quarantine were resolved at 12:40pm on 10/2/11.

Late this afternoon we noticed a Telstra technician working on the telephone equipment around the corner from our office so Michael inquired as to when the tech thought our issue would be resolved. At this stage we anticipate that we will have full phone & fax services back online by 9am Tuesday 8th February.

We managed to grab a photo of the damaged equipment rack and have marked where the flood waters reached and as you can see it took out a whole bank of phone lines (apparently 240 lines) offline.

Thank you to everyone who experienced difficulties contacting our office today, your patience was greatly appreciated.

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